What to wear for your session:

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What you wear for your photo session has a huge impact on how your images will look, so it's really important to consider. Taking some time to coordinate outfits will ensure that your images will be timeless and beautiful, with a pleasing color palette. Follow the simple tips below to make sure you look your very best!


A big hurdle is color scheme; it can be tough! Pulling everyone together while being worried about looking like a box of the reject crayon colors. I personally love really classic, timeless looks and adore neutrals like cream or grey being the main focus, or heavily incorporated. Don't be scared of a bit of pattern, but keep it fairly subtle. Not everyone has to match exactly, mixing in colors, layers, and those simple patterns create a beautiful texture and look for your family pictures. I've made some swatches with some of my favorite color combos that photograph beautifully and go well with my editing style below. 


When you start planning, I suggest starting with Mama. The old saying, " If Mama ain't happy, nobody is happy" does have some truth to it. Mom, you're most likely in charge of planning your family pictures, and the wardrobe is totally up to you. Once you've picked your color scheme, focus on finding flattering pieces for yourself. If you have any areas that aren't your favorites, really work to camouflage those. It can be as simple as wearing a light jacket, or lacy cardigan to cover your arms, or a flowy top, layered with light jacket, or high waisted flowy skirt to hide a tummy. These little tricks will make you feel SO much better about how you look. 

Now that you've found an outfit you adore, fit everyone else's in. Layers are GREAT, jackets, kimonos, cardigans, half-zips for the guys: all of these create really great texture and interest to add to your photos. Below are some outfits from past photoshoots to use for inspiration!

For family, maternity, and engagement sessions, I highly recommend that the ladies wear long flowy dresses! Long dresses look very timeless and flattering and can have a big impact on how your photos look. (but most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in!)


While choosing what to wear you will want to think of how it will blend with the location. If we decide on a location with a lot of trees and greens, it might be best to avoid wearing greens and yellows or colors and patterns that might be too busy or clash with the background.

Another important thing to think about is if you will be printing your photos out for your home. You might want to wear colors that are cohesive with the color scheme and decorations around your house. This is another reason I like to recommend neutral colors! Not only do they look great, but they look nice in any living room in case you ever decide to redecorate!


A few things to avoid:

- Clothing with visible brands or characters

- All white or all black clothing (remember, coordinate not match)

- Excessive patterns

- Loud colors like hot pink or fluorescent green (keep it neutral and soft)

- Everyone in a different color (mix and match so everyone’s wearing colors from your palette)

I am here to take portraits that are representative of you. This guide is simply that - a guide. I am passionate about staying true to who you are and what you value. Your portraits will be cherished for years to come, so I want to make them the best they can be.


Don’t hesitate to contact me or visit my Pinterest board for some outfit inspiration! I can help you choose what to wear from the options that you have. Send me an email or a message me on Facebook, and I’ll make sure that you look your best. Arrowleafphoto@gmail.com